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Product ID:PEB-006
Material type:River Stone
Stone Name:Pebble
Stone Color:Tiger Skin
Suitability:Wall & Floor
Size (mm):20-40mm
Sold By:ton 

The loose tiger skin pebbles with polished or honed finish show the natural color of the stone and smooth touch. Pebble grains with round sides will give you stereoscopic effect. Loose ones or meshed tiles are available as you need. Very easy for construction. You can use pure pebble color,
Mixed pebble color, meshed pure pebble tiles, mixed pebble tiles. Let’s use the natural style decorate your life. The pebble colors are available as white\black\red\yellow\brown\green\tiger skin, etc. The size of pebble is about 2-4cm, even more bigger. Pebble tiles nice for wall and floor, for garden or park or bathroom, both in interior and exterior area. 
Due to the natural properties of natural stone tiles ,it will vary slightly in colour and thickness from tile to tile, to give an authentic overall blend when fitted.